At 1 and a half years old, she’s a firecracker who can stand up for herself to her older brothers and she’s perfect. Vaccine and processed food free, she’s as healthy as can be.

Unfortunately, it is a battle to be so lucky.  While we do believe in the efficacy of certain vaccines, we also believe that children today are being vaccinated too young, too often.  It would be easy if it were just a dead virus to introduce into the body, but if you go to the cdc website and research what goes into the vaccines, it becomes far more complicated.  I never thought it was an issue until I saw it with my own eyes.  Maybe there is a slight chance that your body can process toxic metals and chemicals like Aluminum, Mercury, and Formaldehyde in such small amounts as in a vaccine, but in every vaccine together over the course of two years, administered in groups, continually harrassing an infants developing little body?  Whatever side you may fall on, it is an important question to address and will determine the type of experience you have delivering and raising your own child.

After being delivered naturally and drug free, at a healthy 10lbs 2oz, Brielle was offered two shots right off the bat.   Declining to have her take these, we were bombarded by doctors who had to pull in other officials to go over why we shouldn’t refuse and sign a waiver if we stayed our course.  While I understand the insurance issues tied to hospitals and not following through with every step of an implimented process, the modern view of raising children naturally is dangerous and parents who chose to do so are deemed uneducated and unwise.

New research into the microbiome of our bodies is proving that the medical intervention for disease treatment and control has actually decreased our health and caused the auto-immune and developmental disorders that plague our kids today.  (Huffnagle, pg 18).

Brielle is proving to us that children are born thriving.  They are a blessing whose bodies are our responsibility to protect.


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