Colin was born a hefty 9lbs 8oz on Sunday the 26th of April around noon.  It’s funny how you don’t keep track of the exact time when you’re in the midst of birthing.  Mainly because I was screaming.  I’ll describe the birthing process in a separate article for those of you who are interested and spare the queasy of any gory details.

I look at this boy and know that he is healthy.  Conversely, I look at my first two boys and feel an overwhelming sense of guilt.  I witnessed first hand what my decisions did to their health.  Along this journey of information, I can now see why they had so many problems…problems our society has made us feel is normal and coincidence, problems that are treated with medications that cover up the problems and make their health more precarious in the long run.

I’m glad I stopped playing that game.  We’ve been a snot free house for ages.  Colin hasn’t had a single shot or medication and is thriving.  As for him getting sick?  I know enough about the immune system for him to get through it without complications and gain a natural immunity that will carry longer than any vaccine.  Sometimes we forget IMG_2232we are supposed to get sick, and these antibodies actually pass on to our offspring.

I am so spoiled by this child.  He sleeps through the night (apart from a few momentary nursing sessions with little stirring from both of us), rarely spits up, rarely fusses, and smiles all the time.  His brothers and sister adore him and strive to make him giggle and coo.  We are incredibly blessed.


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