Who We Are, and What We Do

Health and Honesty is a resource for parents and individuals who are striving to eliminate the symptoms of physiological and neurological disorders and disease. Our son was diagnosed with autism at age 4 and we were left aimless and disappointed by physicians. This necessity for understanding and support for our son’s health and development pushed us to research and integrate knowledge into our own lifestyle.

So that you don’t feel alone, overwhelmed, and aimless, we are sharing the information we have researched, as well as nutritious recipes and lifestyle changes that has not only helped with our son’s symptoms, but with the whole family’s. Had it not been for his diagnosis, we would not be the thriving, healthy family we are today.

We offer recipes, health products, garden accessories, local “beyond organic” produce and poultry, and well researched advice. So whether you are looking for which sweeteners to use, what chemicals to eliminate from your house, or how to raise your own chickens, subscribe and stay up to date with the fascinating and exciting things Health and Honesty is doing.