Becoming a parent is difficult, and becomes even more so when we discover how our food and environment directly impact the health of our children.  Wading through research and diet protocols is overwhelming at best.  Nevertheless, I began navigating these waters for the sake of my sons.  Through triumph and, more commonly, failure, the simple truth became clear that modern diets are all wrong.

The mission of Health and Honesty is to provide individuals with information and resources for accepting an organic, whole foods lifestyle to combat the illness and developmental problems of ourselves and our children.  The site serves as a support base for the lifestyle transition that is contrary to our cultural norm and provides inspiration for leading a more natural and rewarding life for the whole family.

We will help bypass the time and effort it takes to research the voluminous subjects attached to our children’s and our personal health.  Vaccines, fluoride, organic products on the market, recipes your kids will actually eat and so much more will all be covered.


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