It takes a strong stomach to reach our farm down twisting roads deep in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Health and Honesty got its name from being frustrated with the compromises agriculture has made with so called “healthy” meats and vegetables.  It has become near impossible to find truly clean and nutrient dense foods.  So, in order to help the health of our first two sons who were diagnosed, one with a rare allergy, and the other with Autism, we started to farm.  Our job is to tend the land holistically, increasing microbial diversity in the soil to feed our plants and animals, in order to produce truly nutritional foods.  We take it even a step further in refusing plastic watering and feeding practices to reduce microplastics and synthetic hormone uptake in our flocks.  Even our hoses are drinking water safe.  We primarily raise chickens, but also have family cows for milk and meat, Katahdin sheep, Alpine goats, and Silver Fox rabbits. 

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