What Can You Eat on the GAPS Diet?

     It can be overwhelming to change your whole dietary lifestyle.  The foods you once relied on as a staple are now gone (unless your staples are broth, kefir, and sauerkraut).  I have created two, printable lists that include what foods you can eat on the the introduction and full diet.  If you don’t knowContinue reading “What Can You Eat on the GAPS Diet?”

Farmaggeddon and Life with Littles

Writing seems to be a luxury when you are daily running around chasing four kids, six and under.  Technically I am chasing three while clutching a two month old.  I stay positive and sane, mostly, with the thought that they will get older soon enough and the poop, food, and lego messes will pass.  That,Continue reading “Farmaggeddon and Life with Littles”