Choosing the Right Sweetener

After writing “Which Sweeteners are Okay and Why,” and realizing that not everyone can read such a lengthy article, we have filmed a short synopsis with details on exactly which sweeteners you can use to meet your health goals. If you are interested in staying up to date with our videos, feel free to findContinue reading “Choosing the Right Sweetener”

The Pasteurization Problem

I have written before about the history of pasteurized milk,, but felt the need to provide a more concise, three reason video to help you clarify for yourself whether or not dairy is right for you. Enjoy!

Hens for Health

I’ve grown up with my fair share of strays, so I know the golden rule; don’t feed a stray or they’ll never leave. Little miss Cuckoo Cassidy is no stray, but I still don’t feed her anywhere near my porch. I know better than to allow a little poop factory to soil my weathered butContinue reading “Hens for Health”

When Grocery Shopping Becomes an Adventure

I can not express how excited grocercy shopping makes me, when I spend the majority of my time at home, with a house full of kids.  It becomes my mini-vacation/shopping extravaganza.  On my husband’s day off, we load up the kids in the van and head off on a treasure hunt for food, making severalContinue reading “When Grocery Shopping Becomes an Adventure”

Struggling to discover what to feed your kids?

When perusing the shelves of a grocery store, your brain becomes the enemy.  Once you start thinking of what goes into the product, you are left with an empty cart.  After we discovered my first son had allergies, I picked up on the ingredients listed on the back of food products instead of focusing onContinue reading “Struggling to discover what to feed your kids?”