Hens for Health

I’ve grown up with my fair share of strays, so I know the golden rule; don’t feed a stray or they’ll never leave. Little miss Cuckoo Cassidy is no stray, but I still don’t feed her anywhere near my porch. I know better than to allow a little poop factory to soil my weathered butContinue reading “Hens for Health”

Growing Garlic for Beginners

Can I just say that I am on board for anything simple, that makes it look like I did a lot of work? That makes garlic the perfect garden addition. Not only is it simple to grow, but it helps deter pests on surrounding (or inter-planted) veggies! Step 1: Prepping. Prepare soil by weeding orContinue reading “Growing Garlic for Beginners”

Don’t Pull That Weed! Lamb’s Quarters and Toxin Removal

I grew up in the suburbs, where the amount of land around your rented house or apartment is enough for a dog to pee on, but not much more.  Now, with two acres, I have a gap in knowledge that I’m fast trying to close.  I’ve started a wonderful garden where I go to whenContinue reading “Don’t Pull That Weed! Lamb’s Quarters and Toxin Removal”