Healing the Body

After a plethora of dietary fails, research that ended up being discounted by other research, and fat wads of cash being washed down the drain from unnecessary ingredients, a simple truth emerged about my family’s diet.  Basic is best.  In other words, whatever foods that have been manipulated, imported, dyed, enhanced or anything else to change it from its true form not only diminishes its nutritional value, but also diminishes our health.

Forget all of the mumbo jumbo out there about whether or not organic is better, (mumbo jumbo that I will be providing on my research page), doesn’t it make sense to trust the food God so intelligently created for us to consume more than the “we’re not sure of the long term impacts of pesticides and genetic modification” food?  Do you want to take that gamble?

Food intolerances, illnesses and allergies have been increasing dramatically as we have altered our food and compromised our microbiome. Why don’t we try to reverse this trend and go back to the nourishing, unfiltered way of eating that may reverse the damage we have done to our bodies? In the end, you might find that though it isn’t as convenient, it is extraordinarily rewarding and quite beautiful.

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