Healthier Choices

I was 20 when I became pregnant with my first child.  It wasn’t long before we were thrown a curveball.  Serious health problems with our little boy.  Thrown into the unknown at a young age I had to learn quick.  Unfortunately I’m a trial and error type and the learning process took longer than expected.  The truth is, it never stops.  Just like our children, we are continually growing, changing, and adapting.  I closed my eyes, and then there I was, 28 with three, soon to be four, beautiful little mouths to feed, and another child with a developmental disorder.  Why have I been so healthy and my children are not?  There are no genetic pre-dispositions, so what have I done wrong?  What should I feed them?

In hindsight, without asking these questions, my family would not be as healthy and thriving as they are today.  Therefore, I encourage you, discover and reveal the questions you have.  Hopefully, some of my own experiences may encourage or enlighten you and aid in your family’s journey to health.


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