Perfect Every Time Roast Chicken

Not everyone is born with the innate ability to cook. For most of us, it is learning through failure. Thick, smoking and charred failure. Roast chicken has become a frugal staple for our large family. It took quite a while to research and test different cooking methods and using different spices to ensure that the chicken would come out crispy, moist and delicious every time; not under cooked and under seasoned! Don’t make the mistakes I did. Try out this recipe for yourself and let me know if it turned out as perfect as it does at my house.


1 3-4 lb Pasture Raised, Organic Chicken

2-3 Tbsp Softened Butter or Avocado Oil

Sea Salt and Pepper to Taste

Celery Salt


  1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees farenheit
  2. Open package and place chicken in a baking dish that has a cover, taking out and reserving any organs in the cavity. Place organs/neck in a bag or dish in the refrigerator for cooking gravy or broth. Pat chicken dry with paper towel.
  3. Rub butter over chicken.
  4. Season liberally with salt, pepper, and celery salt
  5. Place in the preheated oven on the center rack, uncovered, for exactly 20 minutes.
  6. Cover dish and turn the oven down to 350 degrees farenheit. Cook for another 60 minutes, adding 5-7 minutes per pound after 4 lbs.
  7. Let sit on the counter or stove top for 15 minutes before serving.

I truly believe that the celery salt is part of all the “secret seasoning” recipe all the fast food joints use, except this recipe is way healthier! Remember not to throw out the bones and excess meat. Use it in a bone broth with the organs and neck! You just stick everything in a crock pot, add carrot, celery, onion and garlic, salt and pepper, and 1 Tbsp apple cider vinegar, cover with water and set on low overnight. Look, I just gave you two recipes!

If you lack any tools necessary to make this dish, I have included the links below.

Product Links

Covered Roasting Pan

Avocado Oil

Himalayan Sea Salt

Tellicherry Black Pepper

Organic Celery Salt


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