How to French Press Coffee

Plastics. A recent study proves that BPA AND BPA free containers release synthetic estrogens, before being exposed to heat. I sure did love my Keurig, but was left to find a better way to make coffee when I kept thinking of straining my scalding water through those thin plastic K-cups. Coffee brewers had the same issue, hot water, through plastic filter containers, after being held in a plastic holding tank. Yes, I might have plastic-phobia! Plastics leach estrogen like compounds that are known endocrine distruptors and can lead to a host of health issues. This is why I came to the final conclusion that a few more minutes to brew my coffee in a french press not only leads to better tasting coffee, but to a healthier me.

To get the most flavor from your morning cup of joe, with the least amount of chemicals/pesticides/herbicides, I recommend using a french press with organic coffee. Click here for my article on what to look out for when buying coffee, why, and the brand we choose. Watch the video for a more complete understanding of what each step does for upping the flavor profile, or follow the steps below.

1. Pour 4 heaping tablespoons of course ground coffee into a 34oz french press.

2. Pour enough hot, but not boiling, water over the coffee grounds to saturate them. Let sit 20 seconds. This is called the “bloom” and helps the grounds release excess carbon dioxide so the water can pull out the oils (aka flavor).

3. Stir and pour hot water up to the fill line of your french press. Gently place the lid on top without pushing the plunger down. Let sit for 4 minutes.

4. Gently push plunger down and pour!

It’s so easy! Feel free to share what you think about your brew!


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