Brain Fuel Mocha

Dave Asprey is simply a genius. His bulletproof coffee movement, clean product line, and recipes continue to amaze me. My husband and I made his bulletproof coffee for years and, over time, it evolved into the latte like beverage we enjoy today. I figured it was time to share it. Not only is it full of healthy, clean fats that sustain your physical and mental energy, it has gut balancing and adaptogenic qualities. If you are still on the fence as to why coffee can be a nutritional power house, click here to read an article from Mr. Asprey’s Bulletproof website. Here’s a quick run down of the benefits of each ingredient.

Organic Coffee-Lowers risk of cancer and diabetes, improves physical and mental performance, helps burn fat, contains essential nutrients.

Oat Milk-Lactose free, helps reduce cholesterol, nutrient rich.

Inulin-Relieves constipation, feeds good bacteria, promotes weight loss.

Raw Honey-Anti-bacterial, anti-viral, rich in vitamins and minerals, eases allergies, improves memory and energy, easy to digest.

Grass Fed Butter-High in CLA (anti-carcinogen), decreases appetite, high in vitamin A.

Raw Cacao-One of the highest anti-oxidant foods in the world, delicious, rich in vitamins and minerals, improves mood.

Mushroom Tea-Regulates the immune system, improves mood, regulates hormones, decreases inflammation.

I highly recommend using organic coffee beans brewed in a french press for this beverage. Here are my own links to a video and post on how to make french press, as well as why you should choose organic coffee.

Brain Fuel Mocha


34oz Freshly Brewed French Press Coffee [brewed with the addition of 1 tsp mushroom tea to coffee grounds before adding water (optional)]

1/4 Cup Oat Milk

1/4 Cup Raw Unfiltered Honey

2 Tbs Grass Fed Unsalted Butter or Ghee

1 Tbs Organic Raw Cacao Powder

2 Tsp Inulin or Chicory Root Fiber

Sprinkle of Cinnamon


Steep 1 tsp dry mushroom tea with your 34 oz french press coffee. After preparation (instructions are in a link right above the recipe title), pour into a blender along with all of the other ingredients. Alternatively, you could add all ingredients to a glass pitcher and use a hand mixer/frother if you don’t have a blender. Seriously, that’s it. Simple and delicious with a wonderful foam that will hold that sprinkle of cinnamon nicely! Enjoy, and let me know how you like it!

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