Part I: Uncovering the Mysteries of Fluoride

Fluoride. I’ll say it again, I’m not scared, Fluoride!  What a heavy and burdened word it has become, capable of inciting anger and discord.  For me, it incites confusion.  Why does there seem to be two opposing views where both sides fight over validity, where is the real information, and where should I draw myContinue reading “Part I: Uncovering the Mysteries of Fluoride”

When Grocery Shopping Becomes an Adventure

I can not express how excited grocercy shopping makes me, when I spend the majority of my time at home, with a house full of kids.  It becomes my mini-vacation/shopping extravaganza.  On my husband’s day off, we load up the kids in the van and head off on a treasure hunt for food, making severalContinue reading “When Grocery Shopping Becomes an Adventure”

The Pasteurization Problem

I never questioned the dairy industry; after all, the government says it is our main source of calcium and makes you grow big and strong, right?  I’m going to try really hard not to make this an issue with our government here but when it comes down to brass tacks, we have been mis-informed.  NotContinue reading “The Pasteurization Problem”

Struggling to discover what to feed your kids?

When perusing the shelves of a grocery store, your brain becomes the enemy.  Once you start thinking of what goes into the product, you are left with an empty cart.  After we discovered my first son had allergies, I picked up on the ingredients listed on the back of food products instead of focusing onContinue reading “Struggling to discover what to feed your kids?”