Biohacking Autism

What does the pediatrician say to the parent of an ASD (Autism Spectrum Diagnosis) child? No, it’s not the beginning line of a joke. The answer is far less funny and typically involves a pediatrician simply referring out to a pediatric psychologist or support group. After my son’s diagnosis, we were sent home with theContinue reading “Biohacking Autism”

Hens for Health

I’ve grown up with my fair share of strays, so I know the golden rule; don’t feed a stray or they’ll never leave. Little miss Cuckoo Cassidy is no stray, but I still don’t feed her anywhere near my porch. I know better than to allow a little poop factory to soil my weathered butContinue reading “Hens for Health”

Adaptable Chocolate Chip Nut Butter Bars

This recipe was born out of necessity.  Feeding 5, constantly hungry kids can break the bank just with the amount of food they need.  It’s all too easy to buy the cost effective, sugar laden granola bars from the grocery store; many brands of which use oats from Round-Up ready fields.  Due to the microbiome-disruptingContinue reading “Adaptable Chocolate Chip Nut Butter Bars”

Growing Garlic for Beginners

Can I just say that I am on board for anything simple, that makes it look like I did a lot of work? That makes garlic the perfect garden addition. Not only is it simple to grow, but it helps deter pests on surrounding (or inter-planted) veggies! Step 1: Prepping. Prepare soil by weeding orContinue reading “Growing Garlic for Beginners”

Instant Pot “No-mato” Sauce

From headaches to rashes, nightshades are well known to wreak havoc for some individuals.  If you are researching this for the first time, Dr. Axe is a great resource on Nightshade Vegetables. When food sensitivities prevent you or your family from having spaghetti, you have to get creative.  This carrot based pasta sauce is surprisingly heartyContinue reading “Instant Pot “No-mato” Sauce”

The Necessary Breakdown

     We are one of “those” parents.  The ones who were told that our two year old was just fine and would catch up on milestones on his own time, only to be confused and worried when things didn’t change.  “Oh, he’s fine!  Some kids just start talking in full sentences.”  That might have been the last timeContinue reading “The Necessary Breakdown”

GAPS Faux Hamburger Helper

GAPS Faux Hamburger Helper Serves 6 Ingredients (organic/local is best): 3 Medium  Zucchini 1/2-1lb Grass Fed Beef 1 Yellow Onion, chopped 4 Large Carrots, chopped 3 Cloves Garlic, roughly chopped 1 tsp Cumin 2 tsp Oregano 2.5 cups of Chicken or Beef Broth Salt and Pepper Cooking Fat (grass-fed butter, ghee, olive oil, avocado oil,Continue reading “GAPS Faux Hamburger Helper”

What Can You Eat on the GAPS Diet?

     It can be overwhelming to change your whole dietary lifestyle.  The foods you once relied on as a staple are now gone (unless your staples are broth, kefir, and sauerkraut).  I have created two, printable lists that include what foods you can eat on the the introduction and full diet.  If you don’t knowContinue reading “What Can You Eat on the GAPS Diet?”

Why Probiotics are Pivotal to Your Family’s Health

How it started. My husband asked me why we should supplement our children with probiotics if we were supposed to already have bacteria naturally in our gut.  At the time, I didn’t have an answer.  I just had a “gut” feeling that they were pivotal to my children’s health.  I’m the type that, when faced withContinue reading “Why Probiotics are Pivotal to Your Family’s Health”