Which Sweeteners are Okay and Why

When we look back at every birthday party and celebration, baseball game or movie theater experience, there is usually one thing that we all use to heighten our experience, Sugar. From soda to cake, sugary foods are the epitome of indulgence and enjoyment. These experiences become markers in our memory, calling us back time andContinue reading “Which Sweeteners are Okay and Why”

Don’t Pull That Weed! Lamb’s Quarters and Toxin Removal

I grew up in the suburbs, where the amount of land around your rented house or apartment is enough for a dog to pee on, but not much more.  Now, with two acres, I have a gap in knowledge that I’m fast trying to close.  I’ve started a wonderful garden where I go to whenContinue reading “Don’t Pull That Weed! Lamb’s Quarters and Toxin Removal”

Is Chiropractic a Joke? An In-Depth Look at Chiropractic Therapy and it’s Affect on Autism

When thinking of chiropractic therapy, many people immediately become squeamish, distrustful, or just ambivalent.  “I can’t stand the sound my neck makes,” “I will never go to a chiropractor again,” or “I don’t need to see one,” are all common phrases on the topic.  In our culture’s view, it sits on a fine line between medicallyContinue reading “Is Chiropractic a Joke? An In-Depth Look at Chiropractic Therapy and it’s Affect on Autism”

Peanut Butter Fat Bombs

     No one understands the plight of having a sweet tooth with no sweets to eat more than I do.  Yes, sugar cravings are kicked in the tuckus on the GAPS diet, but I still miss those really horrible but oh so satisfying desserts.  It’s an addiction and nothing less.  Sugar has been foundContinue reading “Peanut Butter Fat Bombs”

GAPS Legal Kale Chips

I never believed I could make kale chips without burning them or turning them soggy.  After some recipe research and practice, lo and behold, the perfect kale chip! Not only are they beautifully green, but the kids devour them.  Kale is high in iron, B vitamins, magnesium, folate, potassium, and calcium to name a few.  MostContinue reading “GAPS Legal Kale Chips”

Big News and Crispy Pumpkin Seeds To Celebrate!

I have become the proverbial slow blogger.  Ugh. But not for long!  These past couple of months have been filled with appointments, paperwork, estimates, and diapers.  Well, significantly less diapers considering the two middle littles are now diaper free!  All of this work has gone into giving our four children new potties to dirty.  As of yesterday,Continue reading “Big News and Crispy Pumpkin Seeds To Celebrate!”

Heart Health and Leaky Gut: How It’s Affecting You

I had the recent pleasure of listening to a week long summit on heart health hosted by Dr. Steven Masley.  In the midst of caring for four small children, I decided to jump into it and treat it as my job for a full week.  After listening to and watching interview after interview, I believe that the information IContinue reading “Heart Health and Leaky Gut: How It’s Affecting You”

Farmaggeddon and Life with Littles

Writing seems to be a luxury when you are daily running around chasing four kids, six and under.  Technically I am chasing three while clutching a two month old.  I stay positive and sane, mostly, with the thought that they will get older soon enough and the poop, food, and lego messes will pass.  That,Continue reading “Farmaggeddon and Life with Littles”

Part II: Fluoride and It’s Dental Effectiveness

To determine what scientific research has concluded about fluoride and it’s effectiveness in preventing cavities, being taken orally and/or topically, we first must understand the research process and why studies are so varied.  Is ingested fluoride as beneficial as applied fluoride?  Who regulates the dosage? Finally, who do I contact with my own concerns aboutContinue reading “Part II: Fluoride and It’s Dental Effectiveness”

Homemade Kombucha on the Cheap

When I first wanted to start making Kombucha from home, I was hesitant to pay twenty dollars for a gallon glass jar.  Yes, I’m that cheap.  With three kids, and one on the way, every dollar has it’s place. That’s when my six dollar idea arrived!  Why don’t I just buy a giant jar ofContinue reading “Homemade Kombucha on the Cheap”